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Wednesday 14 November 2018
Start your engines! 
Moderator: Anne Kukkohovi
THEME: AI Building the Intelligent Enterprise 
KEYNOTE: How AI Has Made Our Business More Profitable
Dr. Sven J. Körner, NLP/AI/Deep Learning Researcher, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 
  • Understand relevant and useful information in your unstructured data, not unlike a human

  • Using semantic processing to interpret data to deliver real knowledge

Transforming Industrial Companies with Artificial Intelligence
Mickey Shroff, Head of AI, Analytics and Automation Segment, Wapice 
Petri Helo, Partner, Wapice 
  • How to help your customers to utilize AI in their businesses

  • Case studies: energy, manufacturing, moving machines, real estate domains etc.

PANEL: AI from Leadership Perspective - How to Lead the Emerging Business Transformation?
Heikki Ailisto, Research Professor, VTT, Finland
Matti Ristimäki, Head of Tieto Intelligent Wellbeing, Tieto
Petri Helo, Partner, Wapice 
  • Leverage partnerships for innovation to pool resources and take risks

  • Innovation with a purpose

  • What are the latest emerging technologies? Which make sense for our business?

Are we facing third AI winter?
Heikki Ailisto, Research Professor, VTT, Finland
  • Machine learning and neural network hype will pass

  • Disillusionment and AI winter is a real risk

  • How to go forward in AI - Finnish approach

Do or Die - how Digital changes your future
Tomas Stenlund, CDO, Ineo, Finland
  • Data without trust leaves digital without customer

  • Change - one business scenario at a time

  • Be the best for your customer

KEYNOTE: Learning From Thousands of Enterprises and Hundreds of Use Cases: Five Management Strategies for Getting the Most From AI
Jacques Boughin, Senior Partner McKinsey Global Institute (MGI)
  • Is AI ready for prime use in business?

  • What is the best adoption strategy versus competition?

  • What are the skill strategies to succeed in AI?

THEME: Separating the Real from the Hype - the Business Potential for AI 


AI Use Case: Collaborative cognitive learning for GDPR Compliance
Karl-Oskar Brännström, LL.M, CEO and Entrepreneur, Aigine AB, Hosted by Pedab
  • AI technology applied in a digital process

  • AI enhances human resources, and vice versa

  • AI finds personal data and propose legal basis

Symbolic AI today
Janne Saarela, CEO, Profium, Finland
  • With availability of deep learning hardware and software many users are asking why AI recommended a product or why it came to a certain conclusion. There are many domains where symbolic AI is a good assistant for human users.

Augmented Professionals
Tuukka Sarkki, Passionate Future Business Executive, Vincit
  • Achieving leadership through complete business automation

  • Model-driven and Data-driven AI

The Ways AI Changes Business Processes
– Creating Customer Experience with the Help of AI
Nina Nissilä, Director, Centre for ICT Services, The Social Insurance Institution (Kela)
  • The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Consumer Behaviour

  • The Biggest Challenges the Providers will meet Facing Artificial Intelligence

PANEL: Grabbing AI by the Horns - How Projects Reach the Target?
Hosted by Vincit
Nina Nissilä, Director, Centre for ICT Services, The Social Insurance Institution (Kela)
Halvor Vislie, CEO, The Future Group
Tero Ojanperä
, CEO, Silo.AI
  • How do I apply technology to solve my business problem quickly, economically and permanently

  • Where is the value being created with AI?

  • Understanding of AI networking infrastructure

New Opportunities for Health Technology Innovations
Matti Ristimäki, Head of Tieto Intelligent Wellbeing, Tieto
Visa Honkanen, MD, PhD, currently building digital services and AI for Helsinki University Hospital
  • Concretical AI examples in HUS

  • A solution benefiting both individuals and society

  • HUS-DataLake enable better prevention of risks and epidemics

How Create Value for Your Customers with Human-in-the-loop AI
Tero Ojanperä, CEO, Silo.AI
  • How to change your business model using AI together with customers

  • How to leverage employees and human interaction in building value with AI

  • Interpretability of AI is key in building trust and succeeding in taking AI into use

KEYNOTE: Interactive Mixed Reality Arrives
Halvor Vislie, CEO, The Future Group
  • Building Augmented Reality Interfaces With AI

  • Real-time integration of interactive mixed reality into televised content

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